How to Avoid Scam Companies

There are many companies on the web who advertise custom essay writing services. Most of these are genuine, but some are not, and you run the risk of being ‘ripped off’ and not receiving the service and help you are paying for. If you want to work with a genuine UK based company and employ UK experts to provide you with academic help, then you must be careful and avoid non-UK based firms, who claim to be able to provide you with a quality service but often do not. Scam websites use unqualified foreign writers but pretend to be a UK based company. You may get plagiarised work or something copied and pasted from the web.


If something goes wrong, what guarantees do I have?


A foreign based company is not subject to UK law. You will not be able to sue in a UK court. Entrusting your work to a non-UK firm means you will not be covered by UK Consumer Law.


So how do I avoid scam companies?


Make sure that the organisation really is a UK registered company. Do they hide behind a PO Box address? Are you able to find out exactly where they are trading from? A UK business will have a registered address, which sometimes is the address of the registered auditors of the company. These details must be displayed on the website. You are free to call and check the legitimacy of these details.


A UK registered company will pay tax in the UK, will have a UK business bank account, and is unlikely to have an international or European bank account. A UK business will also have a registered VAT number. You are free to check that this number belongs to a UK registered company and is legitimate.


Look carefully at the website and read everything


Check for spelling mistakes and other obvious signs that might arouse your suspicions. Beware of pretty logos and fake endorsements. Foreign companies often use overtly British images such as the Union Jack flag. Is there a UK telephone number you can call?


Check testimonials and reviews


It is not difficult for a ‘scam company’ to create false testimonials and reviews about themselves. This may look convincing but you should make a point of checking them out yourself.


Call the company and speak with someone


Make sure that the company has a genuine UK telephone line. Call the number and you should expect to speak with a UK based member of staff. Listen to their accent. Do they know what they are talking about? Find out if they are part of a group or owned by another company not registered or not operating out of the UK.


Who are Your Essay Writers? is owned by The Essay Writers, a UK registered partnership. HMRC tax registered number 222/845739/12 and VAT registered number GB 144 9121 22.


The company operates from offices at 4 Bringewood Forge, Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 5FJ.


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Who are our writers?

Who are our writers?

Our writers are the cream of the crop, having graduated from some of the world's best universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. The rigorous standards demanded at these centres of excellence helps to ensure our writers are able to produce the highest quality for our customers, hence why we only recruit from these top academic institutions.

How do we recruit?

How do we recruit?

We have employees working in major university cities, including Oxford, Cambridge and London, giving us unique access to top graduates. This network means we can find a writer in the most difficult of subjects at short notice. Our vetting and testing process is rigorous and ensures only the most suitably qualified academics are accepted to work with our customers.

What do they do for you?

What do they do for you?

Having realised their own goals and academic potential, our writers now want to help you achieve yours. From model essays to full dissertations to personal tutoring, our writers are passionate about supporting you with your education.

Can I contact my writer?

Can I contact my writer?

Our service is built on the premise that two heads are better than one. This means that good communication is paramount, and we encourage you to meet, speak to and/or email your writer to ensure there is never any confusion. We have found this results in our writers exceeding customer’s expectations time and time again.