Customer service is at the heart of Your Essay Writers. We go to every effort to meet your expectations, and can guarantee that no other company will deliver with as much care and attention as we do. The list of promises below is what you can expect from every order.


Our Promises:

Guaranteed Grade

Thanks to our network of elite writers and quality control process, we are able to promise that you will receive the grade you order.

Office Consultation

We welcome all customers to visit us at any time for a free academic consultation.

Payment Protection

All payments are 100% secure. We accept online, telephone and bank transfers, complying with UK law.

Academic Experts

Thanks to our extensive network of quality writers, we are able to ensure that your work will be written by a specialist academic who is an expert in your particular subject or field.

Meet Your Writer

All customers can speak to their writer over the telephone or in person, as required.

Free Alterations

If your work does not meet with your exact expectations, we will make unlimited alterations across a 10 day period until you are happy.

Oxbridge Writers

All our writers hold a degree from Oxford or Cambridge, meaning that by definition they are some of the most gifted academics in the world.

No Hidden Charges

Your references, bibliography, title and contents pages are all free, as is your quality report. Need to make changes? Just tell us. There are no hidden charges – everything is included.

Zero Plagiarism

All of our work is scanned for plagiarism and we ensure we have a legally binding contract with our writers to guarantee that this promise is upheld.

Unparalleled Support

You can contact us at any time via phone, email, Live Chat or in person. Our goal is to support you through your studies, so we have made it as easy as possible to get in touch.

On Time Delivery

We guarantee that your work will be delivered on time – or your money back!

Data Protection & Confidentiality

We promise that neither your work nor your personal details will ever be passed to any other party.

Never Resold or Republished

Your work is custom written and entirely original. It will never be resold or published elsewhere.

Comprehensive Quality Check

Every order is reviewed by our quality control department who will carefully check your work against your requirements. You’ll have their direct email in case there’s anything you need to ask them after delivery.