Personal Statements

Applying to university requires not only good grades, but also a strong statement to convince your chosen institution to offer you a place. Your Essay Writers is the UK’s leading UCAS personal statement service and has over ten years experience helping students get into the university of their choice, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


UCAS Personal Statement
With the competition for university places as fierce as ever, your personal statement remains of the utmost importance. You need to distinguish yourself from thousands of other applicants who have the same grades and aspirations, and thus require more than just impeccable English. For over ten years, we have helped hundreds of students secure a place at their first-choice university.
What you will receive
Having taken the time to understand your past achievements and future ambitions, as well as your unique personality, we will produce a 750 word personal statement designed to meet UCAS requirements. Written by our team of Oxbridge educated experts, your personal statement will not only be linguistically and grammatically perfect, but also written with the style and sophistication required to stand out from the crowd. We guarantee that it will be totally original and plagiarism free, and in line with UCAS personal statement requirements.